Thursday, October 23, 2014

My Diaries (The Remix): Reading #56

Funny mug

I'm a sucker for a mug that makes a statement, and this one cracks me up. Oh, I can just picture it now: I'm furiously typing away all day as I sip my Diet Pepsi from this mug, a devilish grin crossing my face every once and awhile. You know, just another day at the office... ;)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

ADesignJewelry Giveaway!

Today's giveaway is a double dose of fashion goodness! New Jersey-based designer Anna Lapan pours all her creative energy into ADesignJewelry, the beautiful Etsy shop full of necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Each piece is unique and one-of-a-kind, and she likes to use a variety of materials in her creations, such as gemstones, glass handmade beads, toho seed beads and wire.

She's giving this gemstone necklace and matching earrings to one lucky reader. The fluorite purple-green gemstone necklace features ceramic beads, and I love how dainty and delicate the earrings are, don't you, friends?

For your chance to win, simply visit ADesignJewelry, and tell us when you'd wear the pieces. For additional entries, you can (please leave a separate comment for each entry)...

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You can also Tweet about the giveaway -- just make sure to mention @melissablake + @analapan in your Tweet!

A winner will be chosen at random on Wednesday, October 29th, so you've got a whole week to enter. Have fun, friends! xoxo

How I Feel (In 5 Photos) Wednesday.

"It’s a new soundtrack I could dance to this beat, beat...forevermore..." --Taylor Swift

[Photos via My Summer Twist]

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Wise Words From Readers: On sibling memories...

With Janelle's birthday last week, I really got to thinking more about the power of our siblings. We've talked lots of times about siblings before, but if you think about it, a brother or sister can be many things: A best friend, an enemy, a co-conspirator, a confidant. And most importantly, when you're young, a sibling is usually that person you go on tons of adventures with, and it's these adventures that give us lasting memories come adulthood. A few of you had some awesome stories of your own...

*Disney World as kids! One of my brothers is a fireman, and I could not be more proud of him following in our Grandpa's footsteps. I admire his caring spirit and love for his community (my hometown). My other brother is the light-hearted, comic of the family! His sense of humor is epic. He is the baby of the family and truly completes our family.

*My favorite memory with my sister was staying up all night playing gin and eating mac and cheese while Jewel played on repeat in the background.
Ahhh!! So many wonderful memories! For me, the one that sticks out in my mind is when Janelle and I took the same Spanish class in college. It was fun and pretty hilarious to be in the same class. And of course, there was some friendly competition going on because, really, who isn't at least a little competitive with their siblings? We both ended up with an "A" in the class, but Janelle got a higher "A." She always has been the smarter sibling. Anyway, here's next week's question...

What do you love about Halloween? What was your favorite costume growing up and why?

Visit So About What I Said on Facebook and Twitter to share your smarts -- and don't forget to use hashtag #WiseWordsFromReaders. See you there, friends! :)

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Marcel The Shell is back!

A couple of years ago, I discovered the heart-melting cuteness that is Marcel The Shell, the small-but-mighty character created by SNL alum Jenny Slate. Well, Marcel is up to his old tricks and adventures -- and of course dispensing worldly knowledge -- in a new book called The Most Surprised I've Ever Been, which comes out today!
He also stars in a new video, which is almost too much adorableness to handle. Ahh, this little guy. He knows how to make me smile! xoxo

P.S. Wise Words From Readers is coming up shortly! :)

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Monday, October 20, 2014

MEMO TO MEN: 5 traits of a real man

TO: Men all over the planet
FROM: Melissa
RE: What's a real man...?
DATE: October 20th, 2014
Alright, boys, I think a little lesson is in order today. Not because I don't have all the faith in the world in you -- because you know I do -- but because I sometimes worry that you may have picked up some bad habits or advice along this highway we call life. And, really, who wants to be barreling down the highway, only to realize that it's a dead-end road? Not fun, I know. But don't worry. I'm here to save you from that sorry fate.

Society loves to set all sorts of standards for what does and doesn't define a "real man." A little of this, a lot of that, not too much of that, absolutely ZERO of this. You almost start to think that there's some sort of magical formula somewhere. Well, there is -- sort of. It's less of a formula and more of a set of recommended traits. Don't believe me? Here are my Top 5 Traits of a Real Man...

1. A real man...keeps in touch with his family: He doesn't groan at the thought of Thanksgiving dinner around the kitchen table or helping his little cousin with homework. He knows those are memories in the making and will appreciate them wholeheartedly.

2. A real man...looks past your scars: He sees the real you, flaws and all. The real you doesn't scare him or make him recoil in terror or even run away. He loves your scares because he has scars of his own. He also sees the beauty in your scars and isn't afraid to tell you so.

3. A real man...understands the importance of communication: He listens when you talk and doesn't put walls up. In fact, he'll work his hardest to tear down your walls because he knows the key to a solid relationship is being on the same page.

4. A real man...loves to laugh: He can be serious when he needs to be, of course, but he knows the power of laughter and isn't afraid to let out a hearty chuckle when the mood strikes. He loves to make those around him laugh, and he'll stop at nothing to make you smile.

5. A real man...knows a 'real man' can be a sexist term: He knows not to box people too deep into stereotypical roles and walks through life with an open mind. Really, when all is said and done, he's just trying to be the best human being he can possibly be. Just like everyone else.
Got that, boys? What do you think? Anything else you'd add to the list? Any traits you're just not down with? Have you encountered a lot of sexism when it comes to defining what a real man is and is not? xoxo

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Must-watch: Matthew McConaughey gets deep

Have you seen these two commercials from Lincoln Motor Company? They feature Matthew McConaughey front and center waxing poetic about life. That soul. That depth. Wow, what I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall in that car... xoxo

Sponsor Spotlight: Clothing Labels

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of organization. I've alphabetized my CD collection. I've organized my magazines by date. I've even been known to separate candy by color a time or two in the past. So you can imagine my happiness when I discovered Clothing Labels, Lisa Rosenberg's clothing labels company. The Florida-based shop offers custom-printed clothing labels in a variety of styles, from apparel, fashion, embroidered, leather and rubber. Each label is professionally woven into the fabric -- how awesome is that? Read on to learn more about Lisa and what inspires her the most! xoxo
Keep in touch...
Official Web site: Clothing Labels
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Tell me about your shop. What's the inspiration behind its launch?
The perfect affordable finishing touch to your clothing products is our custom woven cloth fabric labels and clothing tags. These are professionally woven cloth labels used by many large garment manufacturers, designers and crafters who rely on our professional services. Woven clothing labels are the ultimate finishing touch! We have a very low minimum order quantities and offer free samples of our work available to be sent to you! We wanted to help others needing labels that found high minimums and set-up fees. We wanted to start a company that will take the time to help people.

Your shop features so many inspiring finds. What inspires you the most?
Helping others.

What is your favorite piece/design in your shop and why?
All of our many items are wonderful

Man Candy Monday.

Good morning, friends, and happy Monday! We've got a guy who sort of flies under the radar today. He's currently starring in this great mystery. He's a bit of a mystery himself. And he's got those soulful eyes that can get you lost if you're not careful...

KEVIN ZEGERS!!!!!!!!!!

"I have always liked doing accents; I find it much easier to get into character for me."
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