Thursday, November 05, 2009

Red Dress.

If only they made a dress in this size for me! I always say that the one day when I sell my first book, I'm going to hire a private tailor to make all these cool outfits into a size for my 4-foot (OK, technically, I'm a little shorter than that, but....) frame. How cool would that be?

P.S. Don't forget to enter this week's adorable animal book giveaway!

[Photo via Audrey Hepburn Complex]


Janice said...

Why wait?make them now you should be
proud of your self ,you have come a long way. I wish i could write as well as you do

Melissa Blake said...

Anything crafty/sewing and I don't get along too well! LOL!

Thanks so much for your kind words!

Janice said...

PS you have something at my blog my friend

...Seyma... said...

yeah, that's exactly true! why wait??

i adore your writings.. don't be pessimistic about it.. you'll soon be much more appreciated. trust me..

and red would be great on you either..


Melissa Blake said...

Soon? Do you know something I don't? ;)

Melanie's Randomness said...

With your hair color the red would look so nice!!

...Seyma... said...

no but i'm hoping it be SOON :)

btw Mel: i humbly nominated you for an award.. hope you accept it.. and please go get it on my blog from the post called A Very First Award..


Lulu said...

That's a great idea and what a way to reward yourself for reaching a goal.

Sher said...

That's such a sweet dress, you have great taste!

daisychain said...

that is really gorgeous

kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

i look forward to seeing your red dress then!


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